Greg McCallum


Greg came to Iowa from the Chicago area in the 80's to attend University of Iowa for an art degree. He fell in love with the Iowa countryside, and never left. Greg has transcended his love for art into his love for food, and believes strongly that cooking is an art form. He has been cooking for 25 years and says it never feels like a job to him. Greg says, "P.H.A.T. Daddy's is a restaurant of creativity that's always going on. From designing our sauces, catering, specials and brunch. Plus, the place is very funny, so there is daily laugh therapy." Greg displays some of his artwork in the restaurant and loves the feedback. He is looking forward to doing cooking shows in the future, as well as gaining national attention to our soon to be famous sauces, spices and dressings.


Mike Curry


Mike was born and raised in Marengo, IA. After graduating high school, Mike attended Kirkwood Community College and received his degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Management. In 1987, Mike moved to Florida where he worked in various hotels, country clubs and restaurants. He opened a pastry/doughnut shop and later a comedy club/restaurant.

After missing his family, Mike moved back to Iowa in 1998. Mike worked construction until he opened a small take-out restaurant called Chef 2 Go. With the influence of friends and residents, P.H.A.T. Daddy's in Marengo was opened in the Spring of 2000. The restaurant recently made the move to the Amana Colonies and will open in May 2015. 

Mike recently started his own line of sauces, spices and dressings, most of which are available for purchase on our shop page.